Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Real North South Divide

The electorate living in the part of England, which the current government still contrives to become the North East Region (of a non-existent country formerly known as England), returned around 28 New Labour MPs to Westminster in this year's General Election. This represents roughly 70% of New Labour MPs returned in Scotland. These same English people also resoundingly rejected elected regional assemblies in the only part of their country (everlastingly known as England) that has actually been consulted about devolved government. That the Deputy Prime Minister mysteriously believed his carve-up of England would be supported in last November's referendum shows just how out of touch this government is with English people. To thank its voters, the government has imposed a non-elected regional assembly upon them. To rub salt into the wound people in the Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland area are united in being punished with student tuition fees, foundation hospitals and expensive care for the elderly. This also applies to English people living in the "North West", an area which starts at the Scottish border and dribbles down to Wales. Of course, these impositions do not apply in Scotland, as it was Scottish New Labour MPs who did the imposing. The real North/South divide is between Scotland (the north) and the north of England (the south). Essentially, what we need is an English Parliament, located where English people desire, which focuses clearly on the needs of England as a whole. Local government can then be returned to County Councils, where it belongs. Carving England into pieces leads to piecemeal government.


Della & Sarah said...

Nice one, Steve. The first bullet hits them right between the eyes.

wonkotsane said...

ome the revolution, Prescott will be against the wall. Well, the edge of his fat arse will be, the rest of him will be a foot (sorry, 30cm) away wobbling slightly.

alfie said...

Gashy - is that you?

Anonymous said...

Prescott? Who? I don't even remember whatever particular new labour idiot you're referring to blokes and women!
Aint it odd how people like Prescott rant on and on about socialism, communism, etc but when it comes down to it aint got what it takes? If some of these people actually helped the poor and disadvantaged I might at least respect them for helping the underdog; but they don't! They talk a lot and that's it. If Prescott believed in what he has rattled on about over the last few years he would not have tried to force an unwanted, unelected "assembly" on the English people in the North East of England? The truth is he's a fake, a fraud, a deceiver. Like all so-called celtic nationalists are. You gotta laugh though ah? Prescott playing croquet? I think that was one of his attempted jokes. Either that, or he wanted the press to spy him horsing about so he could get the boot. Well come on, a man with such moral principles isnt going to want to walk out on the job now. It would make him look like a fraud or something. Yeah right, that must be why he lived it up in such lavish free gov't apartments ah?

The thing that makes me laugh about the ne England assembly fisaco is how all the celtic nationalists arrogantly went up to Newcastle taking it for granted that they'd win the vote. Rhodrhi Morgan? Why was he there? To gloat. Remember us English are jealous of wales. He wishes! But anyway, that was funny how they went up there to gloat and it was US who were gloating. The other thing was how they immediately cancelled ALL of the other stupid assembly votes. What a bunch of chickens!
At the time I just thought typical jocks crawling 'round the geordies trying to con them 'cos you know the geordies are just like the jocks right? Pathetic aint it? Anyway, I thought, yeah right the jocks are trying to annex the ne of England to a)con the rest of England into joining them and b)they want it as some sort of buffer. Of course we all knew they wanted Berwick so they could gloat which is why we've had the recent Berwick "referendum". I suppose we should make a case for getting Bernicia back! Why not? If it's good enough for them it's good enough for us.
Bernicia was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom established by Anglian settlers of the 6th century in what is now the South-East of Scotland, and the North-East of England.

The Anglian territory of Bernicia was approximately equivalent to the modern British counties of Northumberland, Durham, Berwickshire and East Lothian, stretching from the Forth to the Tees. In the early 7th century, it merged with its southern neighbour, Deira, to form the kingdom of Northumbria and its borders subsequently expanded considerably.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the Anglian territory of Bernicia now! Make it an official part of England.

Berwickshire and East Lothian, stretching from the Forth to the Tees are English!

Move the border north! Stop the sweaties from stealing our money! End of problem!