Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our members and supporters.

Monday, April 07, 2008

CEP stands up for English university students

Press Release: CEP stands up for English university students while the NUS lets them down

The CEP carries on with its opposition to the Government’s policy of discrimination against English university students.

The Campaign for an English Parliamen has deplored the decision of the National Union of Students last week to end its opposition to the tuition and top-up fees which are being imposed upon English university students.

‘We want every English student to know’, stated Mrs Scilla Cullen, Chairman of the CEP, ‘that the Campaign for an English Parliament will not stop campaigning against the fees New Labour has inflicted on English students while sparing Scottish and Welsh students. English students are being hit with immense debts while Scottish students are not.

In England university students have to pay £3145 each year of their university life. Students loans then have to be repaid at 4.8% interest rates after graduation.
Welsh students don’t have anything like the fee burden English students have.Their fees are only £1255 pa.’

However, in Scotland university students have no fees to pay. What’s more, the Scottish parliament has also made grants up to £2510 available to Scottish students coming from families on low incomes, which are not available in England. To make the discrimination even worse English students at Scottish have to pay their fees, while EU students do not; and Scottish students, and indeed Isle of Man students, at English unviersities pay no fees. What is quite grotesque about the whole situation is that, at the same time as the Scottish Parliament was legislatiing to relieve its students of fees, the vote in the UK Parliament to impose top-up fees on English students was carried only by the Scottish MPs in Westminister voting for them to give New Labour its majority in the vote in the House.The majority of English MPs voted against them.

‘The only way forward out of this discrimination’ says Mrs Cullen, ‘is for England to have its own parliament just as Scotland has. The UK government is just seeing England, which provides 85% of its whole tax revenue, as a milch cow from which Scotland and Wales benefit at the expense of the people of England. All the MPs who have imposed these fees upon English students got their university education completely free. The injustice to England is grotesque; and it is time that of the 660 Westminster MPs the 550 who are English start to stand up for their country. England should matter as much to them as Scotland does to the Scottish MPs both at Westminster and Edinburgh. They should stand up for their constituents. I can assure English students that is what an English Parliament will do.’

All students are invited to the CEP National Conference taking place at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn London on Saturday April 26th from 10:30 to 4:30. It is free and open to everyone.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

CEP Blog is back

The CEP blog has been up and running for a couple of weeks now.

Pop over and take a look.

Friday, February 15, 2008



The Campaign for an English Parliament website is currently unavailable due to a fire at the datacentre hosting our web servers.

We will be back up and running as soon as possible.

Updates will be made on CEP Cumbria and other branch websites

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Real North South Divide

The electorate living in the part of England, which the current government still contrives to become the North East Region (of a non-existent country formerly known as England), returned around 28 New Labour MPs to Westminster in this year's General Election. This represents roughly 70% of New Labour MPs returned in Scotland. These same English people also resoundingly rejected elected regional assemblies in the only part of their country (everlastingly known as England) that has actually been consulted about devolved government. That the Deputy Prime Minister mysteriously believed his carve-up of England would be supported in last November's referendum shows just how out of touch this government is with English people. To thank its voters, the government has imposed a non-elected regional assembly upon them. To rub salt into the wound people in the Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland area are united in being punished with student tuition fees, foundation hospitals and expensive care for the elderly. This also applies to English people living in the "North West", an area which starts at the Scottish border and dribbles down to Wales. Of course, these impositions do not apply in Scotland, as it was Scottish New Labour MPs who did the imposing. The real North/South divide is between Scotland (the north) and the north of England (the south). Essentially, what we need is an English Parliament, located where English people desire, which focuses clearly on the needs of England as a whole. Local government can then be returned to County Councils, where it belongs. Carving England into pieces leads to piecemeal government.